We would like to have you join us Sunday at World Vision Baptist Church.  Iam sure that you have lots of questions about our church. This website was designed just for you!  I hope it will answer all of your questions but if it doesn't then feel free to ask your question by writing [email protected]

At World Vision Baptist Church it is our goal to create “world changers” that will take the good news of Jesus Christ from their home to the world. There is a place for you!  You can leave a lasting impact on your family, your community, and the world.  Come be who you were meant to be.  Come find the abundant thrilling life that Jesus Christ desires to give you with purpose and passion that will get you up every morning knowing you can have a part in changing the World.
Tell us about World Vision Baptist Church!

How do we get there?
What are the worship services like?
What do you believe?
What do you have for children?
What is the vision of World Vision Baptist Church?
What is the World Vision Baptist Church difference?
Who is the pastor?
What is the weekly schedule?
How to know for you will go to Heaven when you die?

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